The Working Challenge


People are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with their new ideas or causes. The problem is the success rate of every crowdfunding is considered 5 out of 100.

  1. How to make Campaign effective?
  2. How to automate Campaign funding?
  3. How to get continuous donations?


Our Working Process



It's really easy to register with us, the user only needs to have a $10 for license fee (you can use if you have one or you can buy it with card or bitcoin) for 6 months, an email id, a mobile number, Campaign ID (optional). After successful registration, you need to complete your account details (profile, bank, etc.).


After completing all the information, you will get two donation links, one of your sponsor's campaign, and other just above your sponsor. You will get 24hr of time to pay both of them if you have any issue, you can contact to your sponsor or you can cancel it for next 24hr (you can do it once only) if you do not pay within 24hr your account will be terminated.

Create a Campaign

After completing your two donations, it's time to create your own campaign. Its a few step process which includes adding campaign name, campaign information, campaign pictures, campaign videos, after a successful campaign creation, you will get your Campaign ID & campaign referral link.

Share Campaign & get donations

After completing your campaign it's time to share your campaign. Its a very easy, user social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) send your link to friends & Family members, promote your link on different forums & classified platforms. Every user who joins REAL50 by your link will be your direct member and join under your Group.

Donation Payment Options


If you have completed all the process we have suggested, then you are on the right path toward the success, without any other extra efforts.

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We work systematic integrate community responsibility in our core process and make our expertise available the benefit of the societies where we.